Warm BodiesWarm Bodies is the modern adaptation of the Romeo and Juliet story, created to intrigue the current ‘myths-and –violence’ obsessed audience. It has all the elements for an unusual love story.

We have the loving (err…) boy, the alluring girl, their passionate relationship for one another that’s set in turbulent times…albeit this time around only one of them has a beating heart, as the other’s a zombie.

Yes, Warm Bodies is the love story between a zombie and a human being. The plot may seem unique at first. However, on closer inspection it brings to mind the highly acclaimed Twilight series.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name, by Isaac Marion. It’s written and directed by Jonathan Levine, and stars Nicholas Hoult (of ‘About a boy’, and ‘X-men’ fame) and Teresa Palmer (from ‘The Grudge 2’).

The story revolves around the zombie R (Nicholas Hoult), who falls prey to his tumultuous teenage emotions and ends up falling for one of his victim’s human girlfriend, Julie (Teresa Palmer). Who knew zombies were capable of mustering emotions, but I guess the movie is meant to put all such queries to rest.

Upon saving Julie from being killed by a horde of his own kind, R proceeds to protect her and help her get back home (a heavily-guarded enclave of human survivors, that’s walled off from the rest of the world). Julie, is at first apprehensive of trusting him (he does live off human brains, after all). However, over the course of the movie she begins to realize that he may not be like the other zombies and that there may still be hope to help the others recover. Eventually, the two form a strange relationship, with Julie trying to bring back the human in him, and R doing everything in his power to not creep her out. The two go about trying to put the zombie epidemic to rest, and saving other hopefuls in the world, all the while nurturing a loving, caring relationship for one another.

The movie is refreshing in a way where we don’t often get to witness life from a zombie’s perspective. Neither do we peg them for anything less than a monster (that is if you don’t count the bloody killings). It portrays the softer side of the mythological creature, even enabling the audience to feel for the character.

Nicholas Hoult’s performance is highly commendable as the emotionally muddled-up zombie. His more vocal grunts may not do much to help him express himself. However, his monologues throughout is what helps give heart (no pun intended) to the character. He instills the right amount of comedy and seriousness, which makes Warm Bodies, a unique rom-com.

Teresa Palmer isn’t your regular damsel in distress. She’s bold, sassy and can kick some ‘zombie-butt’ when required, and she does it all with style.

Warm Bodies proves that true love transcends differences of any kind…even if it’s a relationship between the living…and those who feast upon them.

It’s a definite ‘must-watch’.

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