AT&T U-verse® TV + High Speed Internet + Phone

Plans starting at $89/mo^

after discount for 24 mos. with 1 year agreement. Other charges may apply. Offer details

  • Up to 440 channels
  • HD-ready DVR receiver with Total Home DVR® included
  • U-verse High Speed Internet up to 45 Mbps

Call Now: 1.877.607.8026

45Mbps: Limited availability in select areas. May not be available in your area.

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Call Now: 1.877.607.8026

Offer details

uverse customer service

With its growing number of subscribers, AT&T U-verse has made sure that customers benefit from its prompt, reliable and efficient customer service and support system. Prompt Uverse Customer Service is one of the main reasons behind its happy subscriber community and popularity in the nation.

Comprehensive support center for AT&T U-verse® TV, AT&T U-verse® High Speed Internet and AT&T U-verse® Voice extends to both new and existing customers. Regardless of the package or the product you choose, timely and reliable U-verse service and support is guaranteed.

Service and Support Tools:

  • Support over Phone:

With dedicated customer service agents manning phone lines throughout the day, any issues or questions with regard to U-verse TV, Internet or home phone will be resolved easily. You can get useful information on Wireless services, Digital TV services, and Home Phone services. There are Spanish language speaking agents to cater to the specific needs of Spanish language speaking subscribers.  Subscribers can get information on the products, features, technical issues, repairs and payments.


  • Support over Email:

AT&T U-verse extends email support to subscribers looking for more information on AT&T U-verse products, features and services. Subscribers can be assured of timely and useful service extended over the internet. Subscribers can get useful information on their order status, repair appointment status, troubleshoot simple issues, and calculate their data usage.


  • Support through Helpful Videos:

AT&T U-verse brings a number of videos from how-to videos to troubleshooting videos. These videos offer in-depth information on a variety of most-asked topics, from programming U-verse remote control, checking the status of repair appointments, adding or changing services, etc.


  • Support on U-verse Community Forums:

The vast and growing community of U-verse subscribers post useful information on the AT&T U-verse site. Most subscribers vouch for the reliability and consistency of the services extended by its community members. Community forums also help U-verse customers find and share tips and other useful information online. Useful information about U-verse general care and support, billing, features, applications, self-installations tips and techniques are also available on the U-verse community platform.


Timely and Reliable Customer Service:

Subscribers can get information regarding any product, service or feature over live chat or by calling one of AT&T U-verse’s support and service agents. Well trained customer service agents are equipped to cater to specific needs and questions of subscribers. Customer support and service agents are trained to give information on:

  • New and existing services.
  • Change order or existing services.
  • More information on features and benefits
  • Information on specials and deals.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Technical support
  • Bill payments
  • Understanding bills
  • Adjustments and refund

Getting in touch with a customer service representative of AT&T U-verse on 1 888 944 0447 or dialing up 1 877 607 8026 for an upgrade will give you all the help you want on any U-verse product, feature, or service within minutes.

Call To Order: 1.877.607.8026

Mon-Fri 8am-1am | Sat 8am-10pm | Sun 9am-10pm