Top three alternatives to the iPhone’s camera appiPhone has a fairly decent camera and allows almost anyone to get the exposure right. But in order to keep the interface simple, Apple has automated pretty much everything. So, if you are an experienced photographer who prefers advanced controls to get those creative shots, then the default camera application will not be working in your favor. Although the iPhone APIs don’t allow developers to take complete control over the camera functionalities, a lot of apps have managed to simulate manual controls. Let’s take a look at the top three camera app alternatives that are available for the iPhone.

Camera Awesome

Developed by SmugMug, this app is available as a free download. If you’ve been using Instagram, you will find a lot of similarities in the design. The interface is fairly simple and the composition HUD, with golden ratios and rule of thirds, will definitely make you click better pictures. Camera Awesome features software based image stabilization, timed and burst shooting modes and the filters to add photo effects.

645 Pro

If you are a fan of Hasselblad, Mamiya or Pentax, then you’ll love this app’s ability to simulate the fine crafted dials of the classic cameras. You have the option to choose from a variety of the popular, medium format aspect ratios like 1:1, 4:5 and 3:2. The dials are conveniently placed and you have picture settings displayed in a skeuomorphic LED styled display. There are a few filters available that you can use to add effects.


This was possibly the first camera app alternative that hit the iTunes App Store. Camera+ has earned a reputation and makes features like flipping, cropping and screen mode selection work efficiently and the app also has image stabilization options. By varying the dynamic range of the scene, the app is able to record images that look a lot cleaner than the images recorded by the default camera app. Similarly, the contrast is well balanced and the images shot using Camera+ don’t look unnatural or artificial and the images can be directly synced to the iCloud Photo Stream.

Although there are other camera app alternatives like Camera Plus Pro, Pro Camera, Pocket Camera Pro etc, these are the top three apps on our list.

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