Social NumberAt a time when privacy infringement issues on social media sites are on the rise, Social number comes as a breath of fresh air.

Social Number is the new social networking site where one can post content and interact with others, ‘anonymously’.

In other words, it provides for an ideal platform where one can reveal their innermost thoughts, secrets, desires, frank opinions, discuss controversial topics, rant about your job…all without having to face public humiliation, or disagreements. Here everyone is identified only by a number. There’s no display of profile pictures, contact details, or any such personal information. It’s a completely different scenario from what one’s used to on other more renowned social networking sites.

The creator of the site, M.K. (as he’d like to be known) stated,

“We are incredibly thrilled to be tackling and empowering our users to have a free voice, discussing issues that some might deem ‘untouchable’ in public forums. Hot button topics like politics and religion to discussing your boss to substance abuse are some of threads users are gravitating towards. But I believe there are many other topics that people want to discuss openly without the fear of repercussions. It’s about freedom of speech. Today, there is very little privacy on any social network, resulting in employees being fired and government interrogations for free thinking. On Social Number, your number is your only identity, showcasing the true value of anonymity.”

How to use Social Number

  • To create an account for yourself, one can sign into it using their e-mail address. As this site has an age restriction (18+), one is also required to furnish their date of birth.
  • You are then required to create a personal identification number which will be seen as their only form of ID on the site. The number has to be 6 to 10 digits long.
  • For those who don’t require an anonymous persona, Social Number also has the option to attach a profile picture, although most prefer not to and instead upload avatars of themselves.
  • Social Number, much like other social networking sites, also offers you the option to customize the privacy settings of their account. You can decide whether your posts should be allowed to be viewed by the general public, or only by a certain sect of people.
  • Once you’ve signed in, you have the freedom to post content, interact with other like-minded members, join groups, anything. It functions like every other social networking site, albeit in an anonymous manner.

Social Number does have its list of guidelines, to ensure that one doesn’t take such freedom of speech, for granted. Their rules prohibit harassment, pornography, hate speeches, or promoting any form of illegal or dangerous activity. If any member is said to partake in such activities, Social Number will instantly block the user from availing their services. Also, depending on the reasons for doing so, they will also furnish the information to the appropriate authorities.

The site is taking extreme measures to provide a safe and confidential service for the general masses, and has so far successfully acquired thousands of members from the world over.

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