SmartphonesEveryone likes their smartphones, we like its color, its impeccable design, its features and well, just about everything. While it’s safe to assume that most of us adore our smartphones, there are (or there aren’t) some features that we couldn’t care less about. Most of us have a long list of must-have features for our smartphone (I have!), I am just curious to know which smartphone features need to be standardized across all smartphones. Here’s my personal list of features that need to be standardized across smartphones regardless of its manufacturer:

  • Wireless Charging:

It sounds simple- charging devices without plugging them into a wall socket. When all our smartphone applications have turned wireless and advanced into areas of Bluetooth, GPS and Ultra Wide Band, why can’t our smartphones charge wirelessly? While Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920, and Samsung Galaxy SIII have the capability to charge wirelessly, it should be made a standard across all smartphones. Right?

  • Notification lights:

You read that right, notification lights sound most basic but incredibly it is absent on the iPhone. Minimizing the screen-on time reduces battery consumption of our phones. Something as simple as notification lights will be on every device very soon, hopefully.

  • Better Battery:

I see a lot of head-nodding for this. While everything about our smartphones has undergone a dramatic change over the years, the battery seems untouched. Why? Beats me! There is news that researchers at Northwestern University are working on a lithium-ion electrode that would convert a normal li-ion battery to hold charge 10 times more than conventional batteries. While some smartphones boast of better battery backup, the others are abysmally bad. Isn’t time to have a standard universal rule regarding batteries too?

  • Battery percentage indicator:

Why should we even ask, this should have been a standard by now. Knowing how much of juice is left in our smartphones is a smartphone owners elementary right, right? Having to pull down the notifications menu to look at the number under the battery icon is tow steps too many. Although some smartphones like LG, Samsung and Apple have addressed the battery percentage indicator issue, it should be a universal standard before long.

Incorporating such simple features and standardizing them so that they are present on all smartphones regardless of their manufacturer, hopefully, will see the light of the day soon.

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