‘Safe Haven’ Wins at Box Office this Weekend!One oozes with romance and the other is packed with action. Safe Haven and A Good Day to Die Hard were the two big releases this weekend and looks like romance won over action. Why not? With Valentine’s Day people were in for some romance and safe haven gave them just that.

Starring Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough, the plot is based on the novel written by Nicholas Sparks. The movie made $8.9 million on the day of its release. Bruce Willis’ movie on the hand made $8.3 million, marginally lesser than the former. Both received B+ reviews from the audience. The Safe Haven team are thrilled that their movie got off to a good start.

Earlier, when Julianne Hough was interviewed at a publicity meet in Toronto, she said, “It was more about being guarded, but still finding a way to make her likeable and not just this walled-up, guarded girl who is closed off to everyone,” about her character in the movie. When asked why the Dancing with the Stars Champion chose acting, she said, “I love knowing that there’s more to prove to myself. It’s fun to step out and get a little nervous and take risks, because that’s usually when you’re most proud of what you’ve done

“She’s much more mature than her age, and I’m far less mature than my age, so we meet somewhere in the middle,” Duhamel explained about the two protagonists.

Safe Haven is about a young woman returning to her hometown and is gripped by the dark secrets from her past. She falls in love with a stranger while she coming to terms with her past. A typical Nicholas Sparks style, the movie has gained a good recognition from the audience.

A Good Day to Die Hard brings back the famous action hero John McClane (Bruce Willis) to the big screens. This time, he goes to Moscow to rescue his son (played by Jai Courtney), a CIA who gets into deep trouble during a mission. The movie is expected to make better figures during the Presidents Day weekend than it did during the Valentine’s Day weekend.



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