Quick April Fools Day Work Pranks It’s that time of year again when you can get away with anything with the excuse of honoring tradition. Yes, it’s indeed April Fool’s Day…or in other words, it’s the day when the world should get ready to be Punk’d.

In case you haven’t been able to make time to set up a prank as of yet, here’s a list of them that you can do in a short span of time.

• This may take a bit of technical knowledge to get right. Set your colleagues computer to be accessed through yours at any time. Then when you know your colleague’s completely immersed in his work, type out random messages to appear on his computer. Try to make the messages as creepy as possible to spook him out completely. This prank will derive best results when played on a technology newbie.

• Take a desktop screenshot of your colleague’s computer and set it as their desktop. Then remove the all the icons from the desktop. Watch as your colleague is left baffled at not being able to access any of them.

• Pinch his mobile when he isn’t looking, and change the language settings or all the contact names on it. Also, you could change his ringtone to something hilarious like Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ or a funny dialogue.

• Convert your colleague’s cubicle to that of a 13year olds. Tape up posters of One Direction, throw in a lot of pink hearts, replace his chair with one that has Hello Kitty on it…just make sure you cover it with pink, hearts, and a lot of sparkles.

• Place a sign on the copy machine stating that it has now been upgraded to be voice activated. Your colleagues will be left barking orders at it all day and cursing the changes in technology and their unreliability.

• Glue a coin to the floor and watch as everyone tries to pick it up. For added effect, rip a piece of cloth when they bend down to do so.

• Add a whole lot of salt to the water in the water dispenser.

• Duplicate a couple of your colleague’s important files and replace them with the original on his desk. Then pretend to accidently spill your mug of coffee on it. Chances are you’ll escape unscathed and you’re colleague won’t have a panic attack

• Remove and move all the keys around on their keyboard

• Tape a ‘For Sale’ notice on your colleague’s car. You could also try to pinch their car keys and park their car elsewhere. There’s nothing more frustrating than to search for your missing car after a long hard day at work.

• Keep calling your office phone asking for random information, and watch your colleague manning the phone, get frustrated over having to state ‘Wrong Number’ a million times.

Note: Engage in the pranks at your own risk…especially if your victim is known for their vile temper. Also, ensure your boss has a good sense of humor in case you’re left with a cardboard stuff of all the items on your desk, at the end of the day.

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