Michelle Obama’s dance is a mother’s panache!

YouTube has thrived to be the biggest online video showcase where you get every little clip from a kid’s birthday to the popular Oscars. Every day, there are millions of users who hit the site for what they want.

Michelle Obama has become hotter with her dance moves in a lovely outfit. It all happened in the lucky show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” broadcast on NBC. She is undoubtedly the versatile portrayer of elegance with her amazing outfits. People are now watching the video on YouTube everyday with joy. There are millions of comments from the consumers of Youtube where most of them are positive.

What is the dance about?

With a brown hairpiece & dressed amazingly well in casuals, Michelle performed typical moves for mothers which people now call “Evolution of Mom dancing”.  The dance directly endorsed the President’s program for younger generations on dietary health, “Let’s Move”.

The movements looked simple and they explained certain activities. You can find the names of the activities on the video clip. One of them was “Go Shopping, Get Groceries”.  She comfortably danced with a groove in her body and moved all the audience with a “Dougie”.

The “Let’s Move” Program

The venture is to bring children and youngsters to a healthy map of fitness which has links to most of the social media sites on the internet. Michelle Obama has taken a variety of efforts to promote it, but this move in particular has covered the nation completely with awe. She also continues to recommend moms and dads healthier diet plans and fitness movements so that a disease free lifestyle is implanted for generations. She says she is really happy to see a lot of people from different fields working in a combined effort to do it.  Through the program, there has been a revision of meal structure in all the schools and universities. In the Official “Let’s move” YouTube channel, you can see promotions dealing with this venture.

To exterminate the problem of being overweight, Michelle has set this venture to greet good health.

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