Kim is going to call her kid “North”???Well, of all bizarreness! Rumor mills are going on a spin again on Kim and Kanye wanting to name their baby North (!) so that it could be called ‘North West’?? The couple is taking their baby moon to a completely new level! However, the rumors were soon squashed by a few sources that are close to the couple! The rumor was first reported by the Sun. The juicy gossip soon spread like a wild fire. The news claimed that Kanye thought the name sounded good with his last name. People soon started contemplating if the rapper will be naming his future kids as East, West and South in future!

Earlier there were rumors that the couple wanted to name their kid with a moniker that started with the letter ‘K’ just like their names.

Naming their kids differently is not new to Hollywood. Frank Zappa had a few legendary name choices like Ahmet Emuukha Rodan, Moon Unit, Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen and Dweezil (whatever these names mean). Jessica Simpson named her adorable daughter Maxwell Drew. Gwenth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, Mariah Carey has announced that she is going to call her twins Moroccan and Monroe respectively!

Getting back to Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy rumors! Apart from being pregnant, the reality star is battling a divorce with her ex, Kris Humphries. The trial is expected to start in May. She had reportedly sat on a nine-hour deposition with the attorneys and had said that she had loved Humphries when she married him and that the marriage was not a publicity stunt. Humphries on the other hand is seeking annulment claiming that Kim married him to grab the media’s attention. Kardashian has however rejected these claims. She is hoping to wrap-up her divorce ordeal before her kid is born in July!

In the meanwhile, it looks like there is trouble in the lover’s paradise. People have claimed that the rapper and the reality star are growing apart. Off late, Kanye has been spotted without his girlfriend. Recently, he took a trip to Europe which didn’t include his girl friend. Will the couple be together when the baby is born? Let’s wait and see!

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