The FollowingThrillers and Crimes are becoming the most liked TV show genres. The Following is the story of a serial killer who was put away by Kevin Bacon, an FBI agent. James Purefoy, who plays Joe Carroll, manages to develop a cult and gets some followers, who he sends to murder people. While the story tells more about the history of murders, viewers are left unconvinced about Carroll managing to develop the cult using the computer in the prison when he was behind bars. If you think watching eye-gougings, splattering of blood, stabbings, strangling, and burning humans alive is fun, then you will definitely find every minute of The Following to be fun.

There has to be some emotional or sentimental value attached to it in order to make a serial killer story a success. The Following lacks it, but still it has become popular because it imitates “The Walking Dead”. It is said that Carroll’s obsession with Edgar Allan Poe’s writings makes him a serial killer. Carroll works as a professor at a university in Virginia and his first novel fails to catch on. While he was dealing with the disappointment due to the failure, Ryan Hardy (played by Kevin Bacon) finds out that he has butchered 14 women. He was sent to jail for this and followed by another insult by Ryan trying to have an affair with his wife.

Carroll unleashes the coven of his followers to murder people on his behalf. Ryan is deeply disappointed at his inability to catch Carroll when he escapes the prison and he pursues Carroll only to find more murders. You might ask what will be new in the future episodes, besides the serial killing scenes that make you sick? More details about the ‘followers’ of the cult Carroll develops. Is that even an answer? Probably Williamson has to rethink the idea. The story is almost told and you will want to watch it only if you would like to know how many followers are going to kill how many people. I hope this helps you decide if you will have to follow The following or look out for some other interesting series which has a storyline of its own.

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