Elisa Lam’s death – What really happened?

Dreadful and bleak– Eliza Lam’s end is one of the hottest topics today.

Elisa Lam (21) a student from Vancouver, was lost 21 days ago. She stayed in the Cecil Hotel at CA prior to the demise.

The shocking truth

Lam’s corpse was recovered on one of the water containers for supply. The corpse was rapidly decomposing and had already turned black. It could have been inside the water containers for a week’s time.

Her death was reported when one of the employees of Cecil Hotel went to the rooftop to find out the reason behind meager water supplies on 19th of February. Till death met her, Lam has had contact with people in her family.

The hotel’s water supply & Lam’s corpse

Terrance Powell, an official related to Public Health sector of LA has revealed that tourists of the hotel have been consuming the water resource from the tank where Lam’s corpse was found decomposed. The tank supplies water to the entire hotel. However, many say that water’s state had no changes to predict at the minutest.

Some tourists detected water in black color that ran through taps and showers for certain seconds.

Terrance Powell of Public Health sector Said “Our biggest concern is going to be fecal contamination because of the body in the water” and also expects that the decaying hasn’t spread to water. The operations are suspended in the hotel.

Reports say that it is really difficult for anybody to access the water tanks. They are closely packed.

Jamie Moore of the LA Fire Department released a statement that “Firefighters used their specialized tools to be able to cut the sides of the tank, remove the metal so they could carefully remove the body so the coroner’s office can continue its investigation”.

Lam’s bizarre behavior

Gone missing on Jan 31st, a CCTV footage revealed Lam’s weird activities in an elevator. She was seen frantically moving, tapping the buttons & standing at the corners of the lift.

What the Drug Analysts said?

They suspect her use of drugs like PDA or MDMA. PDA’s affinity to water is high and MDMA is an ecstasy drug. Plainly, she could also have been mentally disturbed on notice of an impending danger. Cops also suspect murder.

However, the autopsy reports of Lam will reveal what really happened.

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