DrawQuestLast Friday, Christopher Poole, the creator of the popular image sharing website 4chan, released an app for the iPad called DrawQuest. The app is available at the iTunes App Store as a free download and is compatible with all versions of the iPad. DrawQuest has been well received and here is a short preview of the app.

The design and the user interface

The application has a very simple interface. Menu items and the tools are colorful and have a very childlike feel to them. According to the developer, Christopher Poole, the app has been designed to inspire the child in grown people. He also stated that the design philosophy was to make the app as interactive as possible.

The app is optimized to work on landscape mode and the title is displayed at the top. Every day, a new Quest is pushed and it can be accessed through the notification center. The image editor is has all the tools stacked at the bottom. The extended menu gives you the lists of Quests, your user profile, app settings and activities from other Questers.

Compatibility and download

DrawQuest is compatible with the fourth generation, third generation, second generation iPad and the original iPad running iOS 5.1 and above. The app has a footprint of about 15 MB and can be downloaded from https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drawquest-free-daily-drawing/id576917425

Due to the possibilities of crude humor, mild profanity and mild violence, Apple has certified the app with a 9+ rating.

Key features available on DrawQuest

Unlike other drawing apps, DrawQuest tries to get you creative. A new challenge called ‘Quest’ is pushed to the users every day. This could be anything from decorating a Christmas to helping a biker jump over the ramp. You earn coins for every Quest you complete and you can view other Quester’s creations as well. Here are some of the key features available on DrawQUest

  • Ability to follow other DrawQuest users
  • Ability to watch others draw – one stroke at a time
  • Option to share your drawings with family and friends

With these features, we feel that DrawQuest will appeal to the creativity of most people.

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