AT&T U-verse® is all you need to fulfill yours and your family’s home entertainment and communication needs. Thanks to its advanced fiber optic technology, AT&T U-verse provides superior digital TV service that can smoothly fit into your budget. The countless number of channels, an all-new DVR experience that gives you the control and a host of other unique features are just a few of the reasons why you should subscribe to attuverse as soon as possible.

A myriad channels await the subscribers of AT&T U-verse® TV when they get back home after a long and demanding work day. Sports enthusiasts can catch their favorite games and movie lovers can enjoy the latest Hollywood hits while reclining on the comfy couch in their living room. Children can be kept busy by the many educational kids programs U-Verse Digital TV offers while grown-ups can travel the world while never leaving their homes by watching the many travel and lifestyle channels U-Verse Digital TV provides.

No matter how demanding your professional and social lives get, if you’re a U-verse Digital TV subscriber, you’ll never miss any of your beloved TV shows again. The Total Home DVR® service will ensure that every minute of your favorite program is recorded and saved for viewing at your convenience. You can simultaneously record up to 4 shows on your DVR and save up to a stupendous 233 hours of SD and 65 hours of HD content on it. The Total Home DVR service gives you absolute power over your entertainment schedule so you don’t have to compromise one bit.

For those who are constantly on-the-go, AT&T U-verse TV offers tons of options that you can avail from your laptops, tablets and smartphones. Here are some of the things you can do using your mobile devices:
• Manage your DVR from anywhere.
• Enjoy a plethora of programs from the On-Demand library.
• Use your mobile device as a remote control.

Thanks to the Wireless Receiver service offered by AT&T U-verse TV, you can carry your TV around your home and place it wherever you want to regardless of whether there’s a TV outlet in the vicinity. No more do you have to be tied down by cables or plan your room according to the placement of the TV set. The next time all your friends are coming over to watch the big game all you have to do is to shift your TV into a more spacious room even if it lacks an outlet.

In short, if you are an AT&T U-verse TV subscriber, then you can watch TV wherever and whenever you want. With a plethora of TV channels and innumerable customizable options waiting to amuse you, there’s really no limit to the entertainment opportunities you can benefit from if you subscribe to AT&T U-Verse.

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