ATT Uverse Number

Saving money on day to day entertainment needs is an important factor that is considered by every member in a household. It is an undeniable fact that TV, Internet and Phone are the essential needs of a home, which can never be sacrificed. How about when you receive all three bundled together in a single package at cost-effective rates? Yes, it is a bonanza and that is exactly what AT&T offers its customers. By calling the att uverse number, you can learn about the promotions in your area.

You can call the number 1-800-288-2020 for technical support and other queries related to AT&T services. As soon as you dial the number you will listen to a

  • Computer recording, which asks, ‘How can I help you today?’
  • You are provided the liberty to say ‘representative’ or ‘repeatedly press*’
  • Now you are given three options such as ‘Call you back,’ ‘Call via web,’ ‘Chat/text’

While speaking to a live representative is most desired, if you are too busy to talk, you can multi-task and use the ’Live chat’ support. You will just have to type in your queries, which will be promptly answered by a representative. The toll-free number is mostly contacted to learn about the exciting offers and bundle deals provided by AT&T.

AT&T U-verse® bundles are carefully crafted to satisfy the needs of a budget family. AT&T makes sure that all classes of people enjoy high-tech services at beneficial rates. Without compromising on the quality and quantity of the fiber optic technology you can also enjoy the added benefit of paying a single monthly bill for all three services. The most popular bundles are:


  • TV+ Internet + Phone


  • TV + Internet
  • Internet + Phone
  • TV + Phone

AT&T U-verse® TV
U-verse TV delivers flawless pictures right into your cozy living room. The TV packages deliver excellent lineup of channels, breathtaking HD channel lineup, Multiview channel browsing, On Demand programming and also the ability to record TV shows from anywhere. The three popular packages with U-verse TV are:

  • U200 –up to 280 channels
  • U300 – up to 360 channels
  • U450 – up to 440 channels

AT&T U-verse® High Speed Internet
AT&T offers High Speed Internet with protection, security and incredible speed built-in with wireless home networking. With the AT&T Internet you can stay connected while at home and on-the-go, uninterrupted communication, remarkable convenience and added security. The internet packages are:

  • Pro – 3 Mbps
  • Elite – 6 Mbps
  • Max – 12 Mbps
  • Max Plus – 18 Mbps
  • Max Turbo – 24 Mbps

These internet packages are perfect for video chat, online gaming, streaming videos, downloading movies and music, emailing large files, viewing video clips, conducting online meetings, sharing photos, social networking and surfing.

AT&T U-verse® Voice
You will love to be over the phone with AT&T phone service owing to the voice clarity. It comes to you with over 20 calling features including some of the advanced features like Caller ID on TV, Click to Call, AT&T U-verse Messaging℠, AT&T Voicemail Viewer, Call History, Locate Me and many other options. You can also add the Voice International Plan to stay in touch with your loved ones who live in other countries. The cost-effective phone plans are:

  • AT&T U-verse Voice 250
  • AT&T U-verse Voice Unlimited
  • AT&T U-verse International

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