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One phone call is set to transform the quality of life, allowing you to enjoy the finer things in life. If you have been looking for quality home entertainment, all you need to do is to spend a minute on ATT Uverse call thatis setto change your perception of entertainment. The brilliantly packaged bundles from AT&T® U-verse will come as a pleasant surprise, as they can fulfill the needs of your entire household.  A complementary bundle that includes U-verse® TV, U-verse® High Speed Internet, and U-verse® Voice, which is the smart home phone, should complete the portfolio.

All this and more come to you with a single call. Take for instance, the advanced Total Home DVR® that comes along with U-verse TV. The intelligent DVR can be programmed to automatically record your favorite shows and movies. The program that you thought you had missed for good is safely recorded for you to watch sitting back in the comfort of your favorite couch. What’s more, you can pause, rewind or fast forward at any time and savor the show to your heart’s content. One other great feature with the DVR is that you can program or control it even while you are at work by either using a computer or a smartphone. To help you schedule your entertainment agenda, make use of the AT&T U-Verse Guide that provides you with any detail you may want about the programming.

The High Speed Internet on the other hand, is probably the handiest service in the package. You can download your favorite movies and music files in an astonishingly short time, thanks to the blazing speeds. Seasoned gamers will certainly love the service as it allows uninterrupted gaming for as long as you please. Of course, you can use it for your other usual online tasks like emailing and chatting with friends and relatives or just casual browsing.  Parental Controls is the essential feature that has been thoughtfully added at no extra cost, so that you could be away at work peacefully, with the knowledge that the kids cannot access adult content on the Internet during your absence. You can also set limits on the time the children can spend browsing, so that they can devote enough time for other pursuits.

U-verse Voice, the user friendly home phone service comes to you with a bundle of beneficial features. While Anonymous Call Blocking takes care of pesky callers who deliberately block delivery of their Caller ID, All Call Forwarding lets you conveniently forward calls to any number of your choice. Call Blocking takes care of irritating repeat calls that you don’t care to answer, and Caller ID on TV displays the identity of the caller on your TV. To know more about the services offered, call 1.877.607.8026 and allow the friendly customer service agent to help you get the best deal.

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