ATT Upload Speeds

Whether you’re hunting for an Internet connection for your household or office, smooth service is what you will be looking for. There are quite a few providers out there and making the right choice depends on a number of factors. The Att upload speeds will be reason enough to check out the various Internet plans on offer from this popular provider.
The AT&T U-verse Internet plans have something for all kinds of users. You just need to pick something that is in tune with your requirements. Here’s a short overview of the plans available to customers:

  • Pro: For light users, the Pro package is the perfect addition that doesn’t burn a big hole in your pocket. Online surfing, social networking, downloading music, etc. can all be carried out with a downstream speed of up to 3 Mbps.
  • Elite: Besides all the online activities that you can carry out with Pro, the Elite Package is perfect if you want to stream video clips and conduct online meetings. The 6 Mbps downstream speed is perfect for users who are looking for something faster.
  • Max: With a 12 Mbps downstream speed, this plan lets you download movies and even send large files over the Internet. The former takes an estimated 19mins, 39 seconds for a 1.7GB movie file. That is pretty quick and Max is a great option for movie buffs.
  • Max Plus: If online gaming and video streaming is your thing, then Max Plus is your best bet. The 18 Mbps speed is perfect for users who spend a lot of time on their computers, either for work or pleasure.
  • Max Turbo: This is the ultimate AT&T U-verse Internet plan. With a downstream speed that goes up to 24 Mbps, all your uploading and downloading can be done in a jiffy. Full length DVDs (of about 4.7GB) will take about less than 30 minutes to be done.

Besides the decent downstream speeds, customers choose AT&T U-verse because of the impeccable service and other additional benefits:

  1. If you’re on the move, then you can access AT&T’s vast national WI-Fi network without paying any additional charge.
  2. Besides the usual parental controls, users get access to anti-virus, anti-spyware software that ensures safe web browsing.
  3. The wireless router ensures that your computers have access to a smooth connection at all times.
  4. AT&T Mail allows a lot of storage space for your emails and even gives you 10 email accounts.

These are just a few of the advantages that one receives from AT&T. If you face any issues with the connection, technicians will be at your doorstep as soon as possible. Round the clock customer service ensures that you are always connected to the Internet.
AT&T DSL High Speed Internet is also a good option if you want to cut down on your bill. However, the download and upload speeds will be slower than what you receive with U-verse. The latter is a better option for daily users.

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