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In this age of technology internet is available to customers in different forms. You have options like Dial-up, DSL, U-verse®, Wi-Fi and others. It is hard to deny the fact that many times we come across various technical difficulties. Certain technical setups match the fast growing technological improvements of today and it is a tedious task to solve the issue by yourself. AT T uverse internet customer service solves any issue for you and they provide around-the-clock service.

AT&T offers an excellent U-verse High Speed Internet Support fixing any problem within a matter of minutes. You can call customer support for the following reasons:

  • Difficulty in setting up the email address
  • Troubleshoot the Internet connection
  • Difficulty in connecting to the network
  • Difficulty in connecting to the Internet on portable devices and multiple devices

AT&T also provides customer service support to other services like Digital TV, Home Phone and Wireless. They also have an online ‘Support Center’ on their website, which has several online support tools to help you quickly.

Check Status

  • You can check the status of an order you have placed with AT&T services
  • You can check the repair appointment status online. If you have any repair to be done on the AT&T equipment, the status can be verified on the website


  • If you want help in troubleshooting your computer, the website will provide you with sufficient tips

Device How-To Center

  • You can get help for specific devices
  • Devices include Phone, Netbook, Tablets, Data Card and others
  • You can get help for your devices based on the brand
  • You can find Interactive Tutorials that guide you in the right direction



Data Calculator

  • This can be used to estimate the data usage of your AT&T internet connection

U-verse High Speed internet is a steadfast and speedy internet connection that is packed with a variety of powerful security features and packages with varying download speeds. The download speeds vary from 3 Mbps to 24 Mbps perfect for light surfing and intense gaming. Streaming videos, watching movies and downloading music can all be performed at blazing internet speeds. The AT&T U-verse® High Speed Internet connection does not encourage piggybacking and allows you to stay connected on all Wi-Fi enabled devices. The internet connection with AT&T comes with

  • Wireless home networking
  • Wireless router
  • Unlimited email storage virtually
  • Gain access to on-the-go Wi-Fi AT&T connection at no additional charge
  • Provides security via Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Parental Controls and Firewall Protection
  • Pop-Up Catcher to prevent pop-up ads
  • Disposable Email Addresses to safeguard your email account and protect privacy
  • Integrated Flickr® access

To solve any of you technical issues contact AT&T customer service at 877-722-3755 and for new service or upgrading your AT&T services call us at 877-607-8026. Make the right decision by choosing AT&T for your home service needs.

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