Amazon cloud drive Photos appAmazon, one of the major vendors of cloud computing services, has added an Auto Save feature to its Cloud Drive Photos App for Android devices. The company claims that ever since the cloud application for the Androids released, it has been constantly getting requests from users for the inclusion of an Auto Save feature. It has finally pay heed to the requests and has updated its app, along with a few additional features. Read on to learn more about the update.

The Update:

The latest update from Amazon is designed to automatically save the images stored by users in their smartphones to the Cloud Drive. This eliminates them from the hassles of syncing their phone every time they capture or transfer new images to the phone. The features don’t end here! With this update, users can even capture an image directly using the application. The updated application now also supports the selection of multiple files to upload, download and delete. Furthermore, users can even checkout the status of the upload or download process and execute process oriented tasks like pause, cancel and resume on it. As a concluding addition to the update, the application also showcases improved abilities in monitoring storage space usage and sends out notifications to its users when they reach the saturation point.

This one’s for the developers:

Amazon also announced positive news to the mobile application developers stating that it will make available the native Adobe Extensions – The AIR for free! With this, the developers can seamlessly add GameCircle, to use with Leaderboards, achievements, and Whispersync, and even include in-app purchasing elements. The extensions are now available with Amazon Mobile App SDK.

About the Cloud Service:

Cloud Drive Photos is an Android app which stores user-captured images securely in its cloud. The service showcases cross-platform abilities, where the pictures once uploaded can be retrieved in any Android running device such as smartphones, tablets or the web. An initial storage capacity of 5GB is offered by the company for free, and if the users require an additional storage space, they can easily upgrade their service to up to 20GB by paying an addition of $10 per year.

The latest update is sure to satisfy most of the users out there. And let’s wait and checkout if the company has planned any other massive updates for 2013!

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