Google unveils ‘talking shoe’Visitors at the South by Southwest event (SXSW) 2013, Austin, Texas were in for a surprise from our very own search engine giant – Google. At a time when a majority of the visitors came in to get a glimpse of the highly innovative wearable glass from Google, the company chose to unveil a new concept feature that was pretty much based on similar grounds. The product to be unveiled was the ‘Talking Shoe’, a wearable shoe that could connect to the internet and share your activities. How? Read on to learn more.

The Talking Shoe:

If Google’s Project Glass was all about giving you an insight of what’s happening around you, the Talking Shoes is about giving an insight of what’s happening with you. The shoe, which is nothing but a pair of modified ADIDAS sneakers, carries a small computer, a speaker attached to the tongue of the shoe, an accelerometer, gyroscope, a pressure sensor and Bluetooth connectivity. The basic idea behind the shoe is to relay information on your exercising activities. Designed to trash-talk, the shoe talks back at you quoting witty one-liners, that either motivate you to be energetic and active or just be sluggish. According to the company, the shoe that connects to the wearer’s Android smartphone via Bluetooth gets a personality. This personality reflects in the one-liners that it delivers on your activities. For instance, the wearer who’s been doing nothing for a while receives a comment from the shoe stating – I’m bored; and receive a motivating statement from the shoe on being athletic.

This is similar to the modern fitness gadgets that roll out in the market today. Depending up on your activity, it encourages you to do more and share them in your social networking website for other’s viewership.

It’s not a Product:

Now before you presume on Google venturing into a shoe business, let’s make it clear that it will not be available for sale. Instead, it is just an experiment and a part of the company’s Art Copy and Code campaign, which is intended to learn and improve online advertising. The company claims that it will conduct a series of experiments and learn what its users are interested in the most. As a final word, Google has stated that it will not sell the shoes in the retail market but will open-source the coding & scripts for developers to make one of their own.

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